A Safety Message from the
Metropolitan Police


When the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme was set up in the Vale in 1984 it was one of the first and largest in the country, taking in over 2000 properties. Then, it was not run by the Association but the Association supported it financially. It is now run directly by the Association through the NW Committee which meets each month with local Community Police Officers to discuss ways of improving home and personal safety in Streatham Vale. It reports back to the Associationís Executive Committee which, itself, also participates in NW activities such as reporting graffiti and dumped cars and sends two members to the Streatham Crime Working Group meetings.

The Committee organises NW promotions at Association events and at the annual opening day of the Streatham Vale Park. It holds a substantial stock of Metropolitan Police leaflets on home, garden and personal safety. Window stickers are available to householders to display as they choose. It is generally recommended that they should be displayed prominently in a window or front door area. Infrared property marking pens are available for the use of residents for marking important or valuable items. They are also made available to local shopkeepers for distribution. NW material is also available to residents at the Association shop on the Allotment grounds.

Regular articles in the Associationís monthly newsletter ĎVale Topicsí promote NW and advise residents on the best way to combat crime and protect property and vehicles. From time to time the Association publishes crime figures for Streatham Vale provided by the Metropolitan Police on this website.

The Association encourages suggestions and comments on Neighbourhood Watch may be sent in to the Associationís dedicated email service at .



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